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Saturday, May 9, 2020

On Charging Cable Length

I used to live in the shadows of ignorance. Indeed, the most terrifying fact about the unknown is the futility of not knowing what you're missing. The opening to this is far more dramatic than the topic warrants, so I'll leave the literary chest-thumping at that.

Smartphones are facts of the modern age. The vast majority of us carry them around with us so we can connect to people and ideas around the world, sometimes at the cost of interacting with those right in front of our faces, but I'll get to that in a later blog. A necessary component of running a smartphone is a charging cable. Most of us simply hold on to our charging cables and hope not to lose them, because buying a new one feels, for some reason, like submission or defeat.

I hope I can convince readers that a long (even absurdly long) charging cable is a worthwhile investment. The upsides are quite obvious, but the physical difference they make in terms of movement and comfort cannot be overemphasized.

Even a well-placed power outlet rarely allows one to sit and shift around into comfortable positions while using a device connected to a standard 3-foot (or shorter, God help us) cable. Imagine never having to lean uncomfortably to one side of the chair or couch. Imagine being able to comfortably charge and use your device in any room, so long as it has a power outlet or two.

Consider how much money we invest into being able to sit comfortably while working or watching television. We buy expensive furniture sets, place televisions and computers on desks with upscale, adjustable chairs in front of them. Smartphones occupy our time and lives as much, if not more than televisions and computers do (depending on the individual), so why would we not take the extra step to be able to use our devices comfortably while we charge them?

When I first heard of 6-foot and 10-foot charging cables, I thought it was gratuitous and even absurd. Now, I hope to spread the good word about their utility. Let us not literally bend over backwards to accommodate for our smartphones.


  1. Thia would make a great audio quip....funny and provoking. Makes me wonder if I should be concerned who is influencing me to protect my charging cable..📱

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